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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

Wireless Headphones for your Little Ones.

Riwbox BT05 Kids Headphones,

These useful headphones are suitable for all ages: this wireless headphone is in a beautiful package. Whether you are an office worker or a student, a teenager or middle-aged, the BT05 wireless headphones are a great choice for you as a gift; you can share happiness with your friends and family.

This Riwbox set is foldable and and has a comfort Design: An adjustable headband, snug pads and cushioned earpads without sharp corners.

These perfect BT05 headphones give your kids a comfortable wearing experience. Even after extended wear, they won't cause discomfort to those little, learning ears.The foldable headband is designed not only for saving space but also for portablity when traveling.

No splitter needed! The Riwbox  headphones can plug into another device, thanks to a stackable audio jack. It features the integrated "Share Port" to make sharing easier. With a sharing interface on the side of the headphones, you can connect with another devices to share video/music between kids and parents.Perfect for children at school/home, travelling or flying.

Combining high quality audio with unique fashion, the kids headphones are decorated with two wings on the side of the headband. Inspiring imagination (every child has a dream of flying). Riwbox sincerely hopes that children will wear their "BT05 kids headphones" for learning, entertaining and chasing their dreams.This is the meaning of Riwbox BT05 headphones.

Featuring a Built-in Mic and Compatibility: The headphones work with a high definition built-in microphone. Standard 3.5mm audio jack suitable for listening to music or audiobooks.

 Compatible with most smartphones, PC's and Tablets, including iPhone/ iPad/ Android Cellphones/ PC's and more. You can even turn up/turn down the music by audio volume control.

Try one for your own children and get it here:


...Helping You Help Your Pet !

#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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