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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

The Bluetooth Speaker of Your Dreams!

What a nice, rich sound I am getting from my new  "AncordWorks Triangle" Bluetooth Speaker!  We had a family cookout last weekend and streamed Satellite radio to it Flawlessly. It easily played for over six hours on a 50% charge and everyone was quite impressed with its durable construction. With a 66ft, outside range we were able to reposition this sweet "AncordWorks" Speaker throughout the yard so everyone could always enjoy. Thanks to the touch control pad and buttons of this Bluetooth speaker, its easy to change the the tracks you're playing and adjust their volume. My daughter also has a Bluetooth Speaker and it sounds pretty good, but my new AnacordWorks Triangle operates much smoother and is easier for personalizing the entertainment experience. My favorite place to use it is in the house, while working in my office upstairs and doing laundry downstairs at the same time. Its Bluetooth function and wireless capability make carrying it with me a bre

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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative