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Awesome Bags by FORDID!

These FORID 1.2 Gallon Garbage Bags come in a box as 220 Count Wastebasket Liners for Bathroom, Bedroom and Office Garbage Cans.

 They are of excellent quality and Manufactured with high quality, pure PE material; the bin liners don't smell, don't break and are leak-proof and extra durable. These small trash bags are thick enough to hold a very large amount of garbage, with excellent tear resistance.

 Easy to view and identify the contents of the bag to help you sort items. Every package includes 5 rolls of clear garbage bags, and each roll has 44 bags, that means you will get 220 small garbage bags each time, which supplies you for a good long while!

 These small trash bags are translucent. They allow you to easily view and identify their contents, helping separate recyclable from non-recyclable materials. They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee,

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the FORDID 1.2 gallon clear trash bags, just let them know why and they will do …

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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative
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TigexPro Silicone Ice Cube Trays!

TigexPro Silicone Ice Cube Trays,

I just got my new TigexPro, Large Ice Cube Mold – It creates the perfect ice cubes for your whiskey, bourbon or scotch on the rocks. It has a 2-pack kit of large ice cube trays; Over twice as large as a regular ice cubes and the eight compartment trays create perfect sized ice cubes for every drink you make!

Nice food grade silicone makes these whiskey ice cube molds . You can rest assured that these silicone ice trays have met or exceeded all of the applicable regulations.

Keep your drink at full strength longer with these extra-large ice cubes, perfect for your whiskey. The bigger the cube, the slower it melts and when there’s less melting, your drink stays colder and stronger longer, while you sip the night away.

Simply fill the tray with water, cover and put it into your freezer. The flexible silicone makes it quick and easy to remove one or several ice cubes at a time. The flexibility of the tray also makes it long lasting, providing you with lar…

Big Hippo Car Wash Foam Gun.

Big Hippo Car Wash Foam Gun. This new washer gun is made of high quality materials.The snow foam bottle is made of high-strength nylon composite molecules and is resistant to acid corrosion. The gun body is made of quality alloy material and durable. It can be used in harsh environments.It comes equipped with a US Connector, exclusively designed for the American car owner. The high pressure cleaning gun works with your air compressor to produce enormous power. No more need for a bubble machine. You just need a compressor, you can easily spray the foam and clean your car.
I have found it very easy to use. I just fill up the reservoir bottle with soap, connect the compressor, click in to my pressure washer trigger, and spray! The snow gun uses the air pressure from the air compressor to convert shampoo or any soap product into unbelievable foam. I save time with this “Big Hippo” foam gun, it takes only 4 steps to clean my car 1. Add water or cleaning fluid 2. Connect t…

Selqual Bed Canopy with Fluorescent Stars

Selqual Bed Canopy with Fluorescent Stars.

YOU can give your bedroom a brand-new look with this SELQUAL NET CANOPY. Apart from being an excellent shield for keeping the pesky nighttime creepy crawlers at bay, this net is designed to make a retreat in your own bedroom.

It drapes like a wonderful canopy over a baby bed, cot or any large bed and has all the luxury features to give an instant touch of uniqueness to any room. It makes bed time a star filled experience and the glowing fluorescent stars will bring the majesty of space into your room while sparking your child’s love for astronomy. Simply charge the stars with a light bulb for few minutes before going to the bed and they will keep flashing for hours, lulling all to sleep.

 For added convenience, we have bundled extra 20 stars, absolutely for free, so you can use them creatively to have your own unique patch of night sky above your bed canopy! ? ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Our princess mosquito net is made from 100% Polyester and f…

“CacheAlaska Panel Hat”

This is my new “CacheAlaska Panel Hat” - a Flat Brim Baseball Snapback Cap.With 100% Cotton build, it's easy to Spot Clean and wear 24 hrs. a day!
It has ALASKA STYLE and a classic, 5 Pannel Style Design – really, you don't need to be a Hard Core AK Local to wear it. Including a Premium quality, Moisture Wicking Sweatband, and a 100% Cotton, Rugged Flat Bill to Stay Cool and Look Cool. The solid construction can be felt and observed while wearing this jewel of a cap. The qualty assures you of a long-lasting, uniquelypopular piece of outerwear. . The “CacheAlaska Panel Hat” is an all season, top ball cap for hiking, fishing, cycling, hunting, surfing, baseball- all outdoor use.

One size fits most and the unisex style is great for Men and Women alike. Again, you can easily Spot Clean wash with a cloth and water to remove most blemishes. CacheAlaska offers a solid, Satisfaction Guarantee for all Authentic CacheAlaska hats. They handle all iss…

SUPHOUSE Thank You cards.

SUPHOUSE is offering great Thank You cards at a great price!
This package of Thank You cards, with envelopes, includes 48 assorted cards with six floral, retro, rustic themes. They are very general and universal, fitting for any season and occasion. Their flexibility allows them to be used anytime and anywhere!
They are perfect for endless occasions- Weddings, Baby showers, bridal showers, themed parties, graduations, anniversaries, and more! Everyone will be thankful for a card with such simple graphics and your unique, personalized message.
Blank on the inside, so you can add handwritten, personalized messages on the high quality paper. Speaking of high-quality paper, these cards are constructed from heavy weight card stock, for elegance and extra sturdiness, with a paper matte,smudge free surface .
At such a great value, you should stock up to ensure you have enough greeting cards on hand for every occasion!
Try these wonderful cards today and show those in your life you are t…

EXTRA THICK freezer bags

Reusable Storage Bags by FORIDThis great 12 Pack of EXTRA THICK freezer bags includes 2 Reusable Gallon Bags, 5 Reusable Sandwich Bags & 5 Reusable Snack Bags. All FDA Grade and LEAKPROOF!

These useful, FORID reusable storage bags feature an upgraded, food-grade & Eco-friendly PEVA material, which is: Silicone & Plastic Free, PVC-Free, Chloride-Free, BPA-FREE and without the danger of harmful chemicals. You can store food and personal items safely and worry-free.

In order to reduce the use of the disposable plastic bag, FORID now provides people with these safe, convenient, recyclable and reusable PEVA food storage bags,
Easy to Clean Don’t use hot water as it can damage the reusable sandwich bags and they don’t recommend putting them in the dishwasher. It is easy to clean the inner edge with the provided brush. Put the reusable bags on the top of a mug or cup to air dry.
Leak proof & SealingThe bags adopt New design, double-lock zipper technology, providing …

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