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1800 Watt Professional Salon Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer

I received my brand new, 2020, 1800 Watt Professional Salon Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer, from MONMONO today and I love it! I'm fighting my wife and daughter, over who will use it first, and I think I'm losing. With a ton of features, this great hair dryer is Amazing and affordable. It adopts a U-shaped heating wire to generate heat evenly and prevent hair damage, while its Ionic ceramic technology releases negative ions to reduce frizz and nourish your hair . This Professional-style Hair Dryer adopts an updated, GALLOP Motor with High torque and high speed for fast hair drying. The 3 HEAT SETTINGS and 2 SPEED SETTINGS on this Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer lets you choose the perfect gear for your hair drying. Also, the COOL SHOT button facilitates an instant heat switch. High heat & fast speed for thick/long hair, warm heat & soft wind for thin/short hair and cool wind for final touch- you get the most positive experience from your hair dryer and avoid a…

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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative
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The Thought Catapulter, from "Sound Feelings", is my own law of attraction talisman to amplify my intentions and make my dreams reality!

The Thought Catapulter assists my mind in shifting from thoughts of lack to abundance, from sickness to health, from fear to joy, etc.

I'm learning that THOUGHT + EMOTION = MANIFESTATION! Wearing the Thought Catapulter on your body AND doing the included 90-day affirmation routine will give you the best results to reach your goals...

Abundance  Emotional Health  Physical Health  Relationship  Weight-Loss and any other Goal! 
With the support information and the website below, the Thought Catapulter has opened up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for me.

 My mind has been settled and I really notice subtle changes occuring for the good in my life. Have the Thought Catapulter in your pocket, or even next to your skin, with the included strap and know your thoughts and emotions are always being influenced toward positivity.

Try the T…

"Vacation of the Mind®"

Joining "Meditation Membership Site" provides you with tools to shift your perspective and mindset, reduce racing thoughts and enhance life skills to maintain resilience.

I have found "Vacation of the Mind®" is the most unique organization in the wellness industry. They have developed several extraordinary courses, programs and events that will positively affect the movement of global citizenship.

They believe in working collaboratively with other like-minded organizations and individuals, providing a tapestry of opportunities for the betterment of humankind. In the spirit of working together as one community,

Vacation of the Mind® leads the industry in the next generation of understanding and positive well-being.

Changing the evolution of the way people think through creative discipline practices, designed to enhance self-worth, personal freedom of the mind and a true sense of vitality has made me more peaceful and sure of my positive attitudes towards life!


"piboshi" Large Desk Writing Pad

This is really an amazing Desk Pad for Office.

It's 33" x 14", PU Leather and Waterproof. My new, Large Desk Writing Pad is also ANTI-SCRATCH, made of heavy-duty,premium Italy pu leather, with no unpleasant smell, to protect your glass/wooden desktop from scratches,stains,and spills.

BOTH SIDES are ANTI-SKID : This large desk mat has both sides for you use, and the soft surface provides a nice tactile feel.

"piboshi" has outdone themselves with such a sweet desk blotter pad, large enough to accommodate my laptop, keyboard, mouse, sketchbook, journal or cup.

 Friction keeps the desk pad in place so it doesn’t slide around. It omes roll flat and not folded, the large desk  pad includes a tie, so you can roll it up when you’re not using it!

It's just the perfect gift for anyone- it adds elegance to every workspace, helps keep your desk in order and clean and perfect for any special!

With "piboshi's" full Satisfaction guarantee, you can buy…


This new MySmile DELUXE TEETH WHITENING KIT, with an LED Light, safely and efficiently removes teeth stains from food, coffee, wine, soda, smoking and more.

With the Teeth Whitening LED Light Accelerator my teeth whitening experience is super-fast, just 10 minutes per day! Most customers experience 2 shades or more whitening results after the 1st application of MySmile.

MySmile's special non-sensitive teeth whitening formula with carbamide peroxide makes it perfect for sensitive teeth, clinically proven results with Millions HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

It's EASY TO USE, get your DENTIST's RECOMMENDATION – A great, convenient, foolproof Teeth Whitening Kit, the LED Light can be safely used at home, in office, and even while traveling.

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA with 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, a refund will be issued immediately, you got nothing to worry about and they GOT YOUR BACK!

Fast Results in 10 Minutes

Up to 10 Shades Whiter


Happidoo Newborn Crochet Knit Hat!

Happidoo Newborn Crochet Knit Hat Costume is a perfect gift or "Just Because" purchase for our tiny, little sweeties!

This set is great for taking artistic photos of newborn babies as a memorial. While wearing the photography prop costume, your baby will be cute and smart looking for everlasting photo memories or everyday, normal wear.

The material is perfect for my grandson, his tiny cousins and also his young friends! The cotton blend material is warm, soft and non- irritating on his skin.

 The material is safe and non-toxic so it's kind to your child's skin, for a healthy baby and a happy Mom.

 The total package includes 1 Hat and 1 Diaper Cover. made of eco-friendly soft crochet cotton and is suitable for 0-6 month old babies to wear.

 To care for this item,

1. Hand wash and let air dry.

 2. Allow a little bit of size deviation due to manual measurement

3.Also, there may be slight color variations from the items as pictured here.Colors are for reference only.

Pine Tales Sleep!

When everything else fails, try PineTales!

My wife and I did and the results have been very gentle and effective.

PineTales knows Sleep, effectively and safely. That's because they handpick the most effective and safe ingredients available on the market and then put them into one pill. This is certainly a case of "More is Better"!

They Guarantee this supplement will help with a restful sleep, but more importantly, a recovering sleep.

- It's Made in the USA, with the best, most effective Ingredients.

- No harmful or confusingly named "Other Ingredients".

- Vegan Friendly and Non GMO

- With 30 servings in each bottle.

Try yours today, for help recovering everyone's much needed sleep!

...Helping You Help Your Pet !

#1 Pet Insurance Alternative