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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids & Adults.

Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids & Adults, by HLFeng.

 An ill-fitting car safety belt isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also be a safety risk. With a seat belt strap adjuster from HLFeng, you can keep your shoulder belt where it belongs – securely placed over your shoulder, not digging into your neck!

The seat belt adjuster clip secures your safety belt in a comfortable position, correctly placed across the chest area and over your shoulder for optimum safety.

SAFE & COMFORTABLE: using this car seat belt adjuster, you can keep your seat belt away from your face, neck and chest, and these seat belt adjusters could reduce the friction between the seat belt and your body.

The car belt adjuster is also a great idea to encourage the kids to wear seat belts. A really comfortable seat belt adjuster for kids And adults. Your new Seat Belt Adjusters are suitable for all cars and all sizes of seat belts. Designed to accommodate all standard seat belt widths (fits up to 50mm).

 UPGRATED DESIGN & Easy to use, this is different from the other snap button seat belt adjusters, this new car seat belt adjuster is fastened by locking velcro. When using the car belt adjuster,just open, and wrap the seat belt, then close- very easy to install!

 It's made of quality leather with strong stitching.

 PRACTICAL & GREAT GIFT IDEA: This leather seat belt adjuster, by HLFeng, is high quality and useful, and the car seat belt adjuster is very sturdy.

WARRANTY & SERVICE: After you receive your leather seat belt adjusters, if it is defective or if you are unsatisfied, please contact the seller.

Try your own, amazing product here! #CarSeatBeltAdjusterforKidsAdults



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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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