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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative


PEACHES the "Hugging Cat", has been blessed with emotional adroitness in sensing when one of her humans is upset or otherwise troubled. When we went to the shelter to adopt a cat that day, I told my wife and daughter to go look inside, because I couldn't pick one out without feeling guilty. Around the corner came Peaches, snuggling with her head under Emma's neck! "We'll take her", was the only possible reply. Years later, she still hugs as soon as she's picked up, a pretty nice example of Unconditional Love, PEACHES PIERSON- style!! Please leave a comment about your cat friends! #leoscatss


DUE TO THE PHYSICAL/LOGISTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY OF GATHERING ALL MY CATS TOGETHER FOR A "GROUP PICTURE", THE PIERSON CATTERY HAS DECIDED TO POST A "GROUP LIST" OF MEMBER FELINES. Included after said DIRECTORY, is a fitting observation, by the famed  British novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist, viz.  Clive Staples  Lewis . As of 26MAR18 THE PIERSON CATTERY MEMBERS:       1) SUNSHINE  2) ODIE  3) PEACHES  4) JENNY  5) OSHEANA  6) CROOKS  7) APOLLO  8) SOPHIA  9) PAX  10) LILLY  11) ANGEL  12) GILLIGAN  13) LITTLE-BITS  14) GRACIE   15) TINY #LeosCatss  T S Elliot said that all cats have 3 names. First, "The name that the Mum & Dad gave the cat." The Second name is the Cat's a.k.a. The Third name is the name "Only the cat knows".


Charlie and I took Violet and Aiden to the petting Zoo at Uncle Josh's work. I thought the Rabbits were cool!  # LeosCatss    

Gilligan is Now in the HAIKU business!

It is time to sleep— Well, until it’s THREE A.M. Then it’s time to run. THE "GILL CHILL"

Pax "PEACE" Pierson.

Sweet PAX is our own personal "Snuggle Trinket". He moves around the house in " sub ro sa" fashion, acting as a storehouse for Secret Compartmentalized Information - just kidding, he's stealthy, but is in no way associated with the U.S. Intelligence Community. PAX's affection is a big part of what makes him so sweet and engaging, especially when he sits on my desk and watches me work! Do you have a cat like PAX in your household? Please leave a comment and let me know!

"Code Word" Odie!

Odysseus, Odyssius, the spelling is not what's important, but the person. "Code Word" Odie rocked our world one day when my daughter, Charlie, walked into the kitchen holding a scrawny, sickly-looking gray and black striped kitten. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Charlotte uttered the famous trick question, "Can we keep him?". Of course there was only one answer, and Odie was ours. A bit sick with abdominal trouble, Charlotte told us that some kids were riding their bicycles around him in the road, so she grabbed him in hopes we could help. With assistance from Greta and my other nice friends at "Caring Hearts Feline Rescue" , we were supplied with the needed medicine and Odie soon recovered. That was about 10 years ago, Odyssius is still going strong, and he is by far our most talkitive cat. Please leave comments about Odie and your own cats! Blessings to you!!


  I always swore I would never have "some animal" running around my house, peeing and pooping all over my good carpet and flooring- That was until we found our first sweet cat, Sunshine, in our garage, hours old, eyes still closed and abandoned. We made a little, "Newborn Kitten-Style" penthouse next to the bed and my wife bottle fed Sunny, many times per day, for quite a while. 10 years later and Sunny has grown into a template of independence- We humans, the dog and 13 other cats all live our lives according to "Sunshine's Guidelines". "AND TO THINK, SHE HAS NEVER PEED OR POOPED ON THE FLOOR OR CARPETING!!"    Please leave comments about your own pets and how the came to you- I know, like people, each one has its own story!! Bless you!

"GRACIE PIERSON", The one We've All been Waiting For !

O.K., I could begin this small introductory bit about my Little Gracie by rehearsing the "Umpteen" samples of her  perspicacity and understanding. However, No Need; Look at the Location and Time Stamps on this PIC of her. A City as the Photo's location is acceptable for most Cats, and even the average Dog, but not Little Gracie! She refused to sit for this snapshot unless the location was displayed, VIA  our popular Terrestrial Coordinate System , DOWN TO THE INCH!!! Once I Assuaged her "Superiority Streak" , she Capitulated and POSED. Gracie came to us as a gift from one of my daughter's friends who's own Momma Cat had recently given birth. She told me I could pick the one I wanted and I replied, "You just pick the one you think will fit in best". Christina did and You're now Looking at her!! Let me know some stories of your own Precious  Kitties and how they came to you too! Please leave comments and may Blessings be on

GILLIGAN- An Island Unto Himself!

Our "Endearingly Lively", awesome little Kitty-Cat, Gilligan, was safely transported to us by our Grandson, Aiden, and has joined our Cat Family without incident... OK, let's just say he has joined our Cat Family! Just kidding Gilligan, we love you Bubba. His Deep, Rich coloring really is a testament to the Creator's Understanding of Primary Colors! Please let me know what you think of  "Little Gilligan", THE ONE, THE ONLY. ( #LeosCatss #rabbitsofinstagram #bunnylife #kr√≥liczek #LeosCatss #veterinarian #veterinarians #veterinariansofinstagram #veterinarianlife)

...Helping You Help Your Pet !

#1 Pet Insurance Alternative