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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative
This is who greets me each morning-- My dear "ANGEL"!

  When She came to us, ANGEL had been living at the "Danville-Boyle Humane Society".
                                                *Visit DBHS here*

She is Curious and Faithful, often follows Aiden or me around the house and possesses a special voice.
Angel suffered a back injury some time ago, everyone here did what they could- my son hand-made a sling, to help take pressure from her hips and my daughter went with me to the vet to get pain medicine. I just mention this as an excuse to say "Thanks Ryley and Abbey; Angel and Dad both Love you!!"

We have 14 cats and You are about to meet another one:

"APOLLO"-  (My middle daughter, Abigaile, has claimed from the beginning that he is hers? But that's OK, She also states her Dad Loves her Most!!)

As a brief Aside,
I came across this picture the other day, and besides the HILARIOUS quote, it illustrates a contention of mine, i.e., "Cats and rabbits must be related". I mean, the split top lips, the similar structure of their rear legs... Maybe?

               (Either way, don't you think their colors and patterns are nice!)

I want to hear what you have to say about this funny idea. Please leave a comment!! THANKS.

"SUNSHINE" was our first Kitty! About 11 years ago I found her in the garage with 5 siblings. New-Born, eyes still closed. By the end of the day, the mother had moved all the little ones, but her, somewhere else. We bottle fed her and soon she was independent!

Aloof, Loving, Unobtrusive, Covert, Quiet, Quasi- Supercilious... I think you get my Point !!!

Do you have or know a Cat Like SUNSHINE? Please comment and let me know-  I want to hear from you!!

"PAX" (Peace), Requires two pictures for a proper introduction:

He is famously known as "Lilly's Brother" (who you'll soon meet) and one of our more innocently curious Felines.

Say Hello to TINY. He likes to spar with unsuspecting passersby; I surmise that's actually his way of saying, "HI" !
His personality can be Distilled down to one word- "Rambunctious". Energetic, and seemingly very happy, TINY came to us as someone who's owner was going to put him outside if she couldn't find a new home for him. Not the end of the world, OTHER THAN THE FACT HE WAS/IS DECLAWED!!!!!!  No use spending precious time talking about it now, I'm just thankful we were able to take him!! We Love you TINY!!!


...Helping You Help Your Pet !

#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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