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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

"Vacation of the Mind®"

Joining "Meditation Membership Site" provides you with tools to shift your perspective and mindset, reduce racing thoughts and enhance life skills to maintain resilience.

I have found "Vacation of the Mind®" is the most unique organization in the wellness industry. They have developed several extraordinary courses, programs and events that will positively affect the movement of global citizenship.

They believe in working collaboratively with other like-minded organizations and individuals, providing a tapestry of opportunities for the betterment of humankind. In the spirit of working together as one community,

Vacation of the Mind® leads the industry in the next generation of understanding and positive well-being.

Changing the evolution of the way people think through creative discipline practices, designed to enhance self-worth, personal freedom of the mind and a true sense of vitality has made me more peaceful and sure of my positive attitudes towards life!


"My meditation sessions with Briana are incredibly effective, and have left me with a sense of calmness and feeling of inner peace.  I wholeheartedly recommend her and this program to anyone looking for a transformative, positive experience in an approachable way.


Certified Pilates Instructor
The methodologies of this program absolutely work! I have been working with Briana to pass a series of exams, in addition to attending the weekly calls I am excited to be an Ambassador to this program, as well as host my own certification courses.

Certified Personal Trainer

I have found Vacation of the Mind to be a great tool to reach new levels of relaxation and calm. Briana is a skilled leader and she makes the experience feel very comfortable and personal. She is clear and easy to follow and it feels like she is connecting with you on a deep level. I am looking forward to the opportunity to take this course, in order to be able to help my patients learn the Journey Into Tranquility meditation style.


As a certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and practiced meditator, this program is the first I’ve seen that is clearly laid out in a palatable format.I highly recommend the Journey into Tranquility master education program as an effective step-by-step course for meditation.

Online Meditation Certification

Instructor Led Meditation Certification

Breath-work Certification

Mindfulness Courses

Try this amazing resource Today!


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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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